Australian Billionaire Andrew Forrest Calls For Plastic Tax To End Littering

This article was published on: 04/1/19 1:54 PM

Andrew Forrest

Australian billionaire mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest is calling for a global tax on plastic in an effort to tackle the rising tide of man-made litter choking the planet.

According to a report by Scotsman, the businessman is travelling the world to put pressure on governments and businesses to deal with the plastic crisis.

The billionaire has already set aside $80 million of his own cash to clean up the world’s oceans but says he is willing to do “whatever it takes”. He believes imposing a tax would put an economic value on plastic and stop it getting thrown away. The move would clean up the environment and create millions of jobs in the countries that are worst hit by the rapidly increasing amount of synthetic material piling up in rivers, seas and landscapes, he says. Forrest, who set up the charitable Minderoo Foundation, has already visited Scotland and the UK and plans to return for further negotiations to push for a “system-wide solution”.

Andrew Forrest, 57, founded his first mining company, Anaconda Nickel (now called Minara Resources) in 1994. He subsequently founded Fortescue Metals Group, which mines and ships iron ore to China. Forbes estimates his net worth at $6.5 billion.




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