American Billionaire Ronald Lauder Fights Anti-Semitism With $25 Million

This article was published on: 12/12/19 8:39 PM

Ronald Lauder

American billionaire Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish congress and heir to Estee Lauder Companies has announced that he is launching a $25 million campaign to combat anti-Semitism and educate people on the Holocaust.

“We’re going to go after schools, politicians, professors, everybody who is talking about anti-Semitism,” Lauder said on Wednesday while speaking to Fox & Friends.

Speaking at the weekday morning news show, Lauder applauded President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on anti-Semitism. He said President Trump was taking the right step after news emerged that Trump plans to issue an executive order that would combat anti-Semitic rhetoric on college campuses.

“The fact is this order will say to people that if you have anti-Semitism in your college, you may have federal funds taken away. It’s a great step by President Trump,” Lauder told “Fox & Friends.”

Under the executive order, Judaism would be classified as a nationality and religion to be a protected category under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“People have forgotten the Holocaust three generations away. A recent poll found 60 percent of young people didn’t know about the Holocaust. What this says is we must stand up and right now when someone says something anti-Semitic, no one says anything,” Lauder said.

Ronald Lauder is the President of The World Jewish Congress. It was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1936 as an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. The World Jewish Congress acts as “the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people.” Membership in the WJC is open to all representative Jewish groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community’s host country.

Ronald Lauder is the youngest son of Estée Lauder, who founded her eponymous beauty company in 1946. He is also the chairman of Clinique Laboratories, a position he has held since 1994.



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